Dossier History of industrial solar energy desalination in XIXth c.

By PhD Nelson Arellano-Escudero
Calle Camila 125B, Cerro La Loma.
Valparaiso, Chile.
+56973923780 :: +34684385905


This dossier consist in:

3 minutes video (Spanish with english subtitles) awarded by Society of History of the Technology (SHOT):

Papers (spanish language):

1. Informal report via blog:
2. First paper, It was published in Catalonia, Spain, by Quaderns de l’ Historia de l’ Enginyeria (2011)
3. Fourth paper, It was published in Chile by Catholic University of Valparaíso (2014) 01-Nelson-Arellano.pdf

4. Two papers from (2013) not available online.

Arellano-Escudero & Roca-Rosell: V152163191.pdf

18 – Arellano, Nelson – Salitre, desierto y energía (1).pdf

Another paper is about british engineers circulation in South America in XIXth century. This point is relevant because It allows us to understand why solar energy technologies were discused in north hemisphere more than global South at that time.

My PhD thesis:

Award for thesis in Spain:

Papers not available online, download:


Ingenieros britanicos en sudamerica – NAE (1).pdf


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